Thursday, 25 June 2015

Oha soup

This is another popular soup from eastern Nigeria. It derives its name from the green leafy vegetable used Oha/Ora.
It's usually thickened with cocoyam and served with swallow.
Oha soup is one delicacy that you can't forget because the taste is quite unique and intense, it's also very nutritious. 

5 small sized cocoyam
1 small onion
Ora leaves
Mixed meat
Dried catfish (optional)
Periwinkle (optional)
Bonga fish (optional)
1 red bell pepper 
2 scotch bonnet 
Utazi seeds(optional)
Palm oil
Stock cube


*Peel, wash and start cooking the cocoyam before commencing with anything else... (dont add salt) 

Step 1. Start by pre cooking the washed and seasoned meat, when cooked, add in the blended peppers and onions.

Step 2. Add in the dried washed bonga fish and catfish

Step 3. The crayfish and uzazi seeds

Step 4. The diluted ogiri

Step 5. Blend the cooked cocoyam, till smooth (i used food processor)

Step 6. Add in oil, just a little, roughly 2-3 tablespoon depending on quantity of soup 

Step 7. Add in the washed periwinkles

Step 8. Add the blended cocoyam, allow to cook and thicken the soup for about 7mins (at this point taste the soup, if it requires additional stock seasoning please add more)

Step 10. Add in the leaves, dont over cook... {just for 2 minutes max) and the soup is ready

We had ours with pounded yam and it was a great hit!!!
The kids even asked for seconds, lol.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Pizza dough recipe (how to make pizza dough)

And who says we can't have delicious pizza made right in our kitchens? Here's a post to demystify the almighty pizza!
This is a simple and straightforward pizza dough recipe. It's the first step towards making several home made pizzas that we shall share on this blog.


*400g bread flour (all purpose flour can be used)
*7g dried active yeast 
*2 tsp sugar 
*1/2 tsp salt
*270ml warm water 

Step 1. Activate the yeast. Pour the yeast in a small bowl add sugar, then some of the warm water.. Then set aside for 5mins or more 

Step 2. Measure the flour into a bowl, then add in the salt 

Step 3. The activated yeast

Step 5. Then water 

Step 5. With clean hand start kneading the dough 

Step 7. Place the dough on clean floured surface, and continue to knead until the dough comes together roughy 10-15mins depending on size of dough.. Having a smooth texture 

To use all you need to do next is allow the dough rest for 20mins, covered with a clean kitchen towel. *after 20mins roll out to desired sizes then allow to rest for another 10mins before putting your toppings for baking. Alternatively you can use straightaway but it won't be as fluffy and airy as the first OPTION

Homemade coconut milk bulgur stir fry (bulgur wheat)

Healthy and clean eating doesn't have to be boring!!!
Here's my special bulgur with tropical tastes from coconut in a stirfry! 
Give it a shot to avoid monotonous meals when watching your weight.

*170ml coconut milk (homemade preferably 
*100g bulgur wheat 
*fresh prawns
*2tsp chilli flakes or fresh chilli
*1/2 dried or fresh thyme
*precooked sweetcorn 
*1tbsp oil
*1 stock cube

1. Pour the coconut in a small pot, then add in the bulgur wheat and half stock cube. Cook until tender and no water left inside

2. In a frying pan, pour in the oil then add in the prawns, chilli, remaining stock cube and thyme

3. Stir and allow the prawns to cook for 3mins (avoid overcooking). Then add in the sweetcorn 

4. After a mins adding in the sweetcorn, scoop in the cooked bulgur wheat, then stir allowing to combine for 1 mins before taking it off the heat 

Nomnom... This is the business force free and super easy to cook 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Pizza Cake

Yep! You read that correctly! It's a pizza cake made right in my kitchen for you!!!
My kids are huge pizza fans,  I don't always give in to their demands but on this particular day momma decided to play nice, lol. 
I happily prepared my dough with the aim of baking a regular pizza but on a whim I decided to search the net for something different or a twist and  that's how I stumbled on this pizza.
The result was amazing and I dare say it's a must try!
My kids enjoyed the process and the outcome and, I must admit, so did I!!!

*feel free to use any toppings of your choice, but you would require grated cheese and passato preferably (puréed tomatoes )

*Pizza dough 
*passato (tomato purée)


*Oven (preheat on gas Mark 5, bake pizza for 10-15mins
*Rolling pin
*6" cake tin
*Pastry brush and water to dampen 


1. Roll out the dough quite thin 

2. Using the cake tin as a guide, cut of circles

3. After cutting, place on a baking tray, then bake for 6mins

4. While the base are baking, cut dough strip long and wide enough to go around the cake tin 

5. Place the strip inside the paper greased cake tin, allowing excess to drop out

6. Trim little excess dough from inside the cake tin, then dampen with water 

7. Start stacking the pizza. Start by putting the first baked dough inside the tin, then spread some passato over it

8. Add some cheese, then sweetcorn then the pepperoni 

9. Top it up with more cheese, then start again by repeating step 7 until you get to the very top. Next use the excess dough to make some ruffles at the top 

10. Place in the oven then back for 10-15mins on gas Mark 5 

And it's ready, 100% hit with the kids ... Honestly I couldn't resist a slice myself 

How to make akara (3 way version). Nigeria akara


*I used the same bean batter in making all 3 versions. For which ever option you prefer just use the same amount of ingredients (if baking *pre-heat your oven on gas Mark 4-5, then bake for 8-12mins depending on oven)


*200g beans (pick dirts/stones and peel skin)
*1 scotch bonnet 
*1 medium size onions
*salt to taste 


1. Cupcake maker and oil 
2. Frying pan or deep fryer and oil 
3. Oven and cupcakes cases 

Step 1. Start by washing/peeling the skin of the beans .. (Tip soak the beans in water for 4mins before proceeding to peel)

Step 2. Add water then blend till very smooth

Step 3. Add salt to taste.

Step 4. Whisk to incorporate air into the beans batter  (tip the more air the better, it helps to give the batter volume)

Option 1. Frying 

Heat up your deep fryer or frying pan with oil.. 
1. Gently start dropping the batter into the oil using the tips of your fingers 

2. Rotate the akara, so they don't only fry on one side 

3. Fry until golden brown and their are ready 

Option 2. Cupcake/popcske maker

1. Start by pre-heating the cupcake/cakepop maker, then rub in very little vegetable or olive oil. Pour in the beans batter, then cover the maker 

2. Roughly after 2 mins, turn the akara to the other side

3. But side are now ready.. 

Option 3. Oven bake 

1. Place cupcake cases into cupcake baking tin, then scoop beans batter into the cases. 

2. Place tray inside the oven and bake, till well baked *rougly 8-12mins depending on oven